Welcome to the

Steel Peak family

At Steel Peak, we are united by a desire to help clients toward a goal that can not be measured by numbers: A confidence and peace of mind that allows them to live their best lives.

When you join Steel Peak, you become part of a family that is deeply committed to our clients and to each other.


Steel Peak is an independent financial planning and investment advisory firm that seeks to empower clients with the direction to build their wealth for every life stage, by turning complexity into clarity using a disciplined process.

As you consider joining
Steel Peak Wealth
Management, it is important
to understand the key
elements of our culture.

Our clients' success is the reason for our firm's existence and continuing success. They are at the center of all that we do. But it is our advisors that truly set us apart in the wealth management industry–and that is why we support you with the same commitment and dedication with which we serve our clients.

We recognize that your ability and experience is critical to our success as a firm. At Steel Peak Wealth Management, we provide you with the world-class support and resources that will enable you to succeed for your clients and yourself.


Steel Peak was founded to
stand apart from other
wealth advisory firms.

With a dedication to providing a higher level of value to clients, we are creating one of the nation's leading providers of investment and advisory services. At the core of our success are our uniquely talented and dedicated advisors, providing the distinguished fiduciary service that makes Steel Peak special.

As you consider joining SPWM, you should understand the cornerstones of our unique culture. We pride ourselves on the world-class expertise and fiduciary care with which we help clients meet all of their financial goals. As an independent fiduciary, our clients' interests come first, without exception. We hold our clients at the center of everything we do, but we also recognize that in order to take care of our clients, we must also take care of members of our firm and our community.

For our advisors, we provide an environment where you are part of a team that works together toward a common goal, and where your individual success is recognized and rewarded. As a valued member of the Steel Peak family, we provide you with business and operational support to help you succeed.

As your clients' trusted advisor, you bear an important and often demanding responsibility. As a Steel Peak advisor, we are committed to providing you with all the resources and support you need to succeed.



As a Steel Peak wealth advisor, you want to provide a holistic service model. With the assistance of our dedicated committees, we will assist you with the following services to your clients:

Investment Management

  • Financial Planning
  • SPWM Models
  • SP Advisor
  • SMA
  • Alternative Investments
  • SP Dynamic Advisor

Estate & Legacy Planning

  • Estate Analysis
  • Coordination with attorney
  • Managing Trust assets

Risk Management

  • SP Estate & Insurance Agency


  • Commercial & Residential lending
  • Real estate
  • Investment Banking

Our Advisors

Steel Peak is committed to
supporting our talented
advisors in all aspects of
building and maintaining a
successful advisory practice.
  • Comprehensive Investment Advisory & Financial Planning
  • Expertise in legacy and estate planning, insurance, retirement planning and trust planning service
  • Access to new products, resources, & development of your own model portfolios with guidance from investment committee
  • Online client account access
  • Technology and product support
  • Cashiering tools including checks, wire transfers and Electronic Fund Transfers
  • Transactional capabilities
  • Training courses and workshops
  • Competitive Advisor Grid
  • Strategic Alliance
  • Licensing
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Succession Planning
  • A culture of giving back through volunteering and donations
  • Proud to support organizations working to strengthen our communities
  • Business Development Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Center of Influence
  • Client services support
  • Operations and Administrative support
  • IT support
  • Portfolio and performance reporting
  • Legal, risk management and compliance support


We are committed to
providing leading-edge
technology and, with
feedback from you,
continually improving our
resources and capabilities.


Steel Peak provides the best technology in order to help our advisors stay efficient and maintain a competitive advantage. And we are adept at smoothly transitioning advisors from their current software.

  • Tamarac
  • Morningstar Advisor
  • Fonality
  • Money Guide Pro
  • Yodlee
  • Personal Fund
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Marketing Pro

Money Guide Pro

  • Elite Financial Planning Software
  • Scalable Planning
  • Customized Experience to Enhance the Quality of your Financial Plan


  • Leading Data Aggregation and Data Analytics Platform
  • Cloud-based Innovation for Digital Financial Services
  • Data Access to Over 15,000 Global Sources
  • Easy to Use Interfaces and Enables Integration of Outside Accounts

Marketing Pro

  • Premier Marketing Solution
  • Services Ranging from Campaign Automation to Social Media & Branding Customized to Every User’s Individual Needs
  • Thousands of Professionally Pre-Written, Compliance Approved Marketing Materials


The most comprehensive
technology platform to better
manage your entire business.


Advisors want a complete picture of their entire book of business. The powerful reporting capabilities of Advisor View enable advisors to manage and track their overall book of business in one location monitoring their assets, revenue, capital flows, and total asset allocation. This capability allows advisors the ease and flexibility to make the most informed decisions and meet the individual needs of each client.


In a socially connected world, it has never been more important for advisors to deliver differentiated client experiences. Advisor CRM provides a user experience that is simple and intuitive, actionable intelligence at your fingertips, and an easy connection to people. It is a web-based client relationship management system designed specifically for independent advisors and built on the trusted Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.


Efficient portfolio management begins with disciplined and flexible portfolio construction. Whether you are using a passive or active management strategy, Advisor Rebalancing dramatically abbreviates the trading process while adhering to your investment strategies, custom account settings, restrictions, and tax sensitivity.


Part of our process at Steel Peak is to ensure our clients feel empowered when investing. The Client Portal provides user friendly access for clients where they are able to view all of their accounts together or separated in a cloud based file sharing system and be up to date with their current asset allocation, holdings, capital flows, transactions, and quarterly reports.


Account administration includes account setup, account funding, and back-office administration, as well as program billing that includes calculation, remittance, and processing of account fees.


Dedicated to providing you with the support and comfort for both you and your clients to experience a smooth transition.

The Administrative committee will kick off the transition process with a launch call and go over the backend paperwork and protocol our firm has established when bringing on new advisors.


Our Operations and Compliance committee have a defined process that reviews firm protocol for investing, marketing, and handling all paperwork with our system. Additionally, we will review our technology platform and provide training materials for new advisors to take full advantage of everything we have to offer and ensure their success.


In conjunction with the Administrative committee, the Finance committee will go over the billing procedure for accounts and house-holds, elaborating on our process for handling client information and transferring assets.


While we maintain a strict focus on our open architecture philosophy, we also offer you direct access to a wide range of SPWM model portfolios. The Investment committee is designed to provide access to new products, resources, and development of your own model portfolios, which will offer an additional layer and platform recruits can build upon to help grow one’s practice.


Here to help you grow your practice, our Business Development committee is designed to assist you in the day to day management of your business growth by providing a think-tank type of resource to help you formulate new ideas that attract new clients and retain current clients.


Smart Succession Planning is important to both you and your clients.

But far too many advisors don’t have a clear plan in place. Transitioning your business to Steel Peak Wealth Management allows you to prepare for your clients’ futures as well as your own. Whether you are looking to retire in two years or grow your business for another 15 years, a good succession plan starts with a good partnership. We invite you to explore Steel Peak Wealth Management as your potential partner.

To learn more about how Steel Peak can guide you through succession planning, click here.